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Corporativo Costa Afuera on a desire for growth and improvement, founded the shipbuilding division, and builds upon approval of the Directorate General of Merchant Marine, a self-elevating and self accommodation capacity operable by technical personnel platform. This is the first built in Mexico for service companies engaged in study for Soil Mechanics, Underwater and Marine Construction Works.


Jackup & Housing Platform

It is a residential boat, auto lift and autopropulsable, platform type by a hydraulic lift is in order to support the basis of pernas on the seabed, to raise the center of the water surface and thus acquire stability, without the movement of the waves of the sea, lakes, rivers, bays, etc..
It was produced to assist work as soil mechanics, electrical recording in oil well, lake, siting of marine and subsea structures in support of diving work, recovery of beaches and piloting subject to effluent pipes to the sea

2 main brand Detroit Allison Engines, 700 Hp.
Diesel Generator Yamaha. Capacity 40 KWA.
2 Crew.
– Accommodation (4)
– Year of Manufacture 2011 For Corporate Offshore.
EBI Crane 10 Tons capacity.
Elevator sea surface to the deck to dive staff and visitors.


  • Soil mechanics . In soil mechanics work on the rig platform for obtaining subsurface geological samples is placed, and the stability and security that comes from not being balanced by the effect of the waves, a period of work is obtained with 100% effectiveness in the work and also prevents equipment damage soil mechanics.
  • Work study oil wells in lake areas . In this type of work is very important to maintain optimal production conditions of oil wells found in lake areas, ponds, swamps, rivers, later to be the team withdraws the pierced, there is no other team that can perform work when the well is in production.
  • Thumbnail marine and subsea structures . These works carried out in areas near the beaches, it is impossible to use any boat that is afloat, which is not affected by the waves.
  • Recovery beaches . Offshore Corporate has used and autopropulsable jackup rigs at beach recovery, and standing in the place called bench material, which in the most common case does not exceed 500 meters long beach and thus to recover the computer platform that features on the cover, the sand is pumped to its original place without any interruption by tides, or shallow draft in the extraction site.
  • Dredges. Platforms can also perform dredging work in conflict zones by waves and tides using its crane arm in support of the dredging pump, with or without cutter and is critical for channel dredging call Hydro and Nuclear stations , and can be placed on input channels call with all the security of not being affected by the waves thereof, giving it great performance, including drafts of 1.5 meters. This way you appreciate the goodness of such equipment.
  • Construction of effluent pipes at sea –. In this work starts at the beach and ends up in the sea, is the basic work done from the deck of the platform for underwater junction of pipe flanges and ballast and placing piles to ensure fixation thereof seabed.


Platform CLONEcan be placed with umbilical Scuba equipment on board, and so form a stable work platform diving, with the help of divers arm of a crane capacity of 10 tons and a length of 65 feet.
This is an immediate advantage to perform the work without loss of time by the ocean currents and waves, causing surges that put work programs at risk, causing delays that represent extra costs not considered in the projects.