COCOA is a leader in marine and terrestrial services Construction based in the Port of Tuxpan , Veracruz
Our experience has been gained through a period of over 30 years in the marine , terrestrial and coastal facilities and civil works in building our country .

Corporate Costa- Outdoor, Inc. de CV , has representation in our country Oceaneering Intervention Engineering Company , which manufactures the Smart Tools tools for repairing underwater crude and gas pipelines , COCOA also manufactures professional diving equipment as decompression chambers , gas manifold , integrating compressor packages , volume tanks , baskets diving , air filters , umbilical .

COCOA has ample capacity for the following work: Construction and maintenance of marine and terrestrial crude and gas pipelines , offshore drilling platforms , docks , boats, monobuoys loading and unloading of oil , Replenishment and cathodic protection structures , submarine pipelines , bridges and boats. Survey and inspection of welds underwater digital ultrasound system , magnetic particles and ACFM Photography and underwater footage . Piling on docks , harbors , bays , lagoons, rivers and seas. Dredging rivers , bays , canals , lakes and seas with Suction Dredgers and Drag . Manufacture of deep diving and saturation. Making Offshore housing packages . Professional diving work . Laying of power cables and submarine communications. Rent and sale of equipment and technologies for offshore platforms, monobuoys , crude and gas pipelines , etc. . Cleaning of marine growth on suction and discharge. Laying and installation of marine pipelines effluent discharge for the Chemical Industry . Land lying Fiberglass Pipe and steel. Maintenance terrestrial oil facilities. Building Bridges . Mounts, armed soldiers and testing line, dome, body and structure of cylindrical tanks Fixed dome of Corrosion Protection capacidades.Trabajos different .

Our staff of engineers have the ability , experience and certification to perform inspections NDT Level I and II certified . Our engineers and technicians have inspected lines , oil rigs , docks, and boats of different tonnages for these activities we are certified as providers of reliable services by Det Norske Veritas.