Corporate Costa-Afuera, is a leader in maritime and land-based construction at the Port of Tuxpan, Veracruz Besides being a Shipping Agency in all Mexican ports.Corporativo Costa-Afuera, S.A. de C.V.








Our experience has been gained through a period of over 40 years in the marine, terrestrial and coastal facilities and civil works in building our country, has representation in our country Oceaneering Intervention Engineering Company, which is a manufacturer of Smart tools tools for repairing underwater crude and gas pipelines, COCOA also manufactures computer professional diving and decompression chambers, manifold gas, integration of compressor packages, volume tanks, baskets diving, air filters, umbilical.

COCOA has ample capacity for the following work: Construction and maintenance of marine and terrestrial crude and gas pipelines, offshore drilling platforms, docks, boats, monobuoys loading and unloading of oil, Replenishment and cathodic protection structures, submarine pipelines, bridges and boats. Survey and inspection of welds underwater digital ultrasound system, magnetic particles and ACFM Photography and underwater footage. Piling on docks, harbors, bays, lagoons, rivers and seas. Dredging rivers, bays, canals, lakes and seas with Suction Dredgers and Drag. Manufacture of deep diving and saturation. Manufacture Offshore housing packages. Professional diving work. Laying of power cables and submarine communications. Rent and sale of equipment and technologies for offshore platforms, monobuoys, crude and gas pipelines, etc.. Cleaning of marine growth on suction and discharge. Laying and installation of marine pipelines effluent discharge for the Chemical Industry. Land lying Fiberglass Pipe and steel. Maintenance terrestrial oil facilities. Building Bridges. Mounts, armed soldiers and testing line, dome, body and structure of cylindrical tanks Fixed dome of Corrosion Protection capacidades.Trabajos different.

Our staff of engineers have the ability, experience and certification to perform inspections NDT Level I and II certified. Our engineers and technicians have inspected lines, oil rigs, docks, and boats of different tonnages for these activities we are certified as providers of reliable services by Det Norske Veritas.